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In: Sri Ramakrishna

The Way

Devotees would often go to Sri Ramakrishna and complain about their sufferings.  They would often lament that they are unable to…

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The Best Offering to God is Love

Sri Ramakrishna would often extol the power of love and how it could be used as an instrument for Sadhana.  He…

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Doubts Invite Disaster

Spiritual life is like venturing into a totally unknown area.  To find one’s way one should have certain qualities, essentially faith. …

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Inborn Tendencies (Samskaras)

Sri Ramakrishna used to explain beautifully to his devotees the nature of Samskaras i.e. how powerful is the inborn tendencies due…

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True knowledge transcends body

Sri Ramakrishna would often warn his disciples about the dangers of imitating the actions of an enlightened person. To illustrate the…

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