Tame your desires

For a spiritual life, tame your desires

Sri Ramakrishna would often warn his devotees about succumbing to temptations. He would say, luxury often creeps in imperceptibly into our lives and ruins our spiritual pursuits. He would illustrate this idea through a beautiful story. Once there lived a sadhu who was very austere. He had just two pieces of loincloth. One day he […]

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Patience pays at appropriate time

Many devotees would come to Sri Ramakrishna and show extreme impatience regarding their spiritual progress. They would often complain about the difficulties and also about the slow pace at which things are happening. They would ask again and again why they are not able to overcome their shortcomings and that too quickly, in spite of […]

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Parrot In A Cage

Be persistent and march ahead in life

The devotees would often approach Sri Ramakrishna and plead about the inability to get over their negative tendencies. In spite of all their efforts in practicing spiritual disciplines like prayer, japa, meditation, etc, they would say that they find it impossible to get rid of their desires and tendencies towards enjoyment, etc. Sri Ramakrishna would […]

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Benares (Varanasi, India) -1922

Only an enlightened guru can guide

Devotees would often open their hearts before Sri Ramakrishna and plead their helplessness to get over their ajnana or ignorance. One of the most powerful tools for destroying ignorance that comes in the way of spiritual realization is the study and true comprehension of the message of the scriptures. But ordinary people, especially those who […]

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Rama Sita Lakshmana

Maya deludes us, making us worldly

Sri Ramakrishna would often caution his devotees about the power of maya. He would say that although the ultimate truth is so near and close to us, yet we are unable to perceive it because of the concealing power of maya. He would quote a beautiful example from Ramayana in this regard. Just a day […]

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