Be a lamp unto yourself

Devotees would often visit Sri Ramakrishna to discuss about spiritual life. Sri Ramakrishna would take enormous pains to guide them and explain to them the intricacies of spiritual life. But he would always advise them that the ultimate knowledge comes from within. He used to illustrate this idea using a beautiful incident from daily life. […]

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Intense effort is needed for sadhana

Devotees would often come to Sri Ramakrishna wishing to learn and discuss about scriptures. Sri Ramakrishna would encourage them. But when these devotees complained about not progressing much in their spiritual lives, Sri Ramakrishna would clearly explain to them the reasons for their lack of progress. He would clearly draw a line of distinction between […]

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God alone is real

Different schools of philosophy have expressed different views about God and creation. While the schools owning allegiance to dwaita philosophy clearly perceive God and creation as separate and distinct entities, the schools of advaita treat the world as illusory and accept only Brahman or Unitary Consciousness as the reality. Philosophically, both schools strive their best […]

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Sri Ramakrishna at Dakshineshwar

Sadhana requires focus and purpose

Many devotees would come to Sri Ramakrishna and openly confess to him that they are unable to progress in spiritual life because of their impure minds, etc. Sri Ramakrishna would advise them to be patient and hold on steadfastly to the methods of sadhana or spiritual striving advised by their preceptors or gurus. He would […]

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Be focused to attain your goals

Sri Ramakrishna would often advise his devotees about the need to be extremely alert and awake in spiritual life. He would say that there is no place for laxity in spiritual life. He would often find that many devotees come to him once in a while and try to participate in the satsangs, but whatever […]

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