Sadhak aur Adhyatmik Jeevan by Swami Jyotiratmananda – 01 Nov 2015

Swami Jyotiratmananda at Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi

Swami Jyotiratmananda

Swami Jyotiratmananda ji, Ramakrishna Mission, Aurangabad, spoke on साधक और अध्यात्मिक जीवन i.e. Spiritual Aspirant and Spiritual Life. The discourse was delivered on 1 November 2015 at Sarada Auditorium, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi.

Swami Jyotiratmanandaji, a trained Hindustani classical musician, also rendered the opening and closing songs.

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A few pictures from the evening:

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Sadhak aur Adhyatmik Jeevan - by Swami Jyotiratmananda
Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi, Ramakrishna Ashram Marg,Paharganj,New Delhi
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